Business Essentials Workshop - 5 Mar in Harrogate

22nd Feb 2012

This course is for sports coaches, administrators responsible for supporting coaches and/or running a club/coaching programme, committee members responsible for the coaching programme in their organisation.

This interactive course provides essential business and financial information for sports coaches and their clients to ensure both parties satisfy government regulations and requirements.

The course includes advice and guidance on the following: 

  LEGAL STATUS We detail the definitions and requirements for the various ways coaches/workers can be paid in sport - self-employment, employment, casual work, volunteering with expenses - and outline the paperwork required for each of these types of service.  
  SELF-EMPLOYMENT We outline the strict HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) self-employment guidelines that, if not satisfied, can result in a hefty tax bill for both coach and client. We detail how to check whether you are meeting the guidelines and what documentation is required to satisfy HMRC.  
  EMPLOYMENT We review the various types of employment available to those in sport, including a detailed look at flexible contracts such as zero hours and casual worker contracts. We outline the paperwork required by HMRC for the various types of service.  
  CONTRACTS We provide delegates with a sample contract for self-employment which outlines the ideal working arrangements for both coach and client to meet the HMRC self-employment guidelines.  
  INSURANCE We detail the Health and Safety and insurance requirements for coaches and clients and how to minimise the risk of a policy not paying out.  

Please read the comments below and also click here for more info and how to book. 

'Very informative and very well presented, all clubs and coaches should invest in the time to understand their obligation' – swimming coach

'Excellent – very informative – Lots of information I was completely unaware of' – Trampolining coach

'Lots of people need this. It was fantastic as it highlighted lots of areas' – tennis club official

'Cannot believe how important attending this course may prove to be. Will definitely spread the word about this workshop' – Mulit-sports coach

'Lots of people need this. It was fantastic as it highlighted lots of very good advice on all I needed to know about being self-employed'tennis coach

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