scUK Coach Tracking Study : Final-Year Report

27th Feb 2012


Coach-Tracking Study: Final-Year Report

The final-year Coach Tracking Study Report has been published. The report provides an insight into coaches’ motivations, role and development.

What were the key findings?

  • coaches play a key role in participation
  • coaches get fulfilment from:
    - seeing athletes develop
    - a feeling of giving to the community
  • coaching allows people to stay in sport
  • as coaches become more experienced they:
    - develop more interpersonal and reflection skills
    - seek out more informal learning methods
  • The majority of coaches feel they get support from their governing body. However, the number of coaches reporting this has declined over the four years of the report
  • the decision to stop coaching is rarely planned in advance

The full report is on the sports coach UK website

What is the Coach Tracking Study?
The Coach Tracking Study is a unique four-year study of coaches in the United Kingdom. Each year, over 400 coaches completed a survey, providing details on their coaching practice, professional development and motivations. We have used this data to better understand coaches and track their changes over time.


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