Level 2 Cricket Coach Required

24th Feb 2011

The main contact / organiser is a gentleman called John Garbett, who is a current (English) international player. His mobile number is: 07833 592538 and email:garbett.j@sky.com. He would be very keen to speak with any Level 2 interested, as he is the main organiser of this ECB project. The first session starts 2nd March. Dates: 2nd March, 16th March, 30th March, 13th April (Fortnightly session). Age of participants: The age range will be 10 years plus (Mixed gender) but the players are predominantly adults at this current time. Session Time: 18:30 - 20:30hrs.

The plan is to attract enough players to shape into a North Yorkshire VI team to play against the other areas (West, East, South Yorkshire) and also to do the same for juniors with an under 18 team. The club is prepared to pay £20 per hour and you would be asked to coach the squad every second week. The coach's aim would be to gear the team up for competition against the other 3 Yorkshire sides. This would involve a mixture of batting, fielding and bowling coaching, using the current venue of Huntington School, Huntington Road, Huntington, York, North Yorkshire YO32 9WT. This venue has both indoor and outdoor facilities that the team can use.

Please also find some useful links on VI cricket.



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