Highly praised Flying Coach sessions for Coaches

16th Apr 2012

On Saturday 17th March the North Yorkshire Athletics Network held a Pole Vault & Hurdles Flying Coach Day. The sessions took place at the John Charles Centre for Sport`s indoor athletics & bowls centre due to it being the closest venue to North Yorkshire to host the sessions. It also allowed the sessions to take place regardless of the weather.

The day began with the pole vault session in the morning, led by Dr Neuff. The session allowed coaches to learn how to begin to teach and coach pole vault from the basics, upwards. As part of the session coaches were issued with the UKA Pole Vault Book to provide a useful resource for future use. A particpat stated, “The tutor had a really friendly approach”.

There was an hour break for lunch where coaches were able to mingle and discuss what they had learnt in the morning session whilst getting to know each other further.

The Hurdles flying coach session led by John Baron began at 1pm and  provided coaches with the basic skills of teaching hurdles, whilst also acting as a refresher for some coaches. The session also provided information on the technical aspects of crossing a hurdle. The session went very well with the coaches saying: “The session was very good, provided great drills, and will be very useful” and “It was an excellent refresher on the basics of sprint hurdling.  John was very motivated and I can’t fault it.”

North Yorkshire Athletics Network NYANAs part of the feedback process, coaches have requested an advanced hurdling session, a basics of throwing session, and a high jump and long jump session.  The North Yorkshire Athletics Network has a Safeguarding and Protecting Children course taking place on the 30th of April at Harlow Hill Squash & Sports Club, and the network are currently organising future workshops & coaching sessions.

See www.englandathletics.org/flyingcoach for more information

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