How To Choose The Proper Shoes And Apparel For Bowling Tournaments

Bowling has no official dress code unless you are participating in a tournament, and the rules prescribe that participants wear something specific. As such, bowlers are left free to choose their preferred outfits when heading over to the bowling alley.

It is, however, worth noting that even though there is no official bowling attire, dressing appropriately will ensure you have a safe and comfortable time out. Read on to find out what you should wear to the bowling alley, the next time you’re there.


Wearing the right bowling shoes not only helps improve your game but also ensures safe play. In fact, wearing the right shoes is so important that it’s the only piece of clothing that is officially recommended. Wearing proper bowling shoes reduces the wear and tear on the floor of the bowling alley. This is because these bowling shoes tend to be softer on the floor surface as compared to regular shoes.


Bowling shoes provide added grip when braking; this ensures that you do not get past the bowling lane line and on to the smooth and sleek waxy surface.


As previously mentioned above, unless you are in a tournament, you don’t have to wear a specific bowling shirt. However, you can choose a shirt that will allow you to be at your best when playing. If you go to bowling to enjoy your time and have fun consider dressing in funny bowling apparel to brighten your mood.

A suitable shirt as far as bowling is concerned should satisfy a few requirements. As a rule of thumb, avoid picking shirts that restrict the movement of your arms. The shirt you choose should allow easy, free, comfortable and full movement of your arms when winding and throwing the ball.


Wearing the right trouser/shorts will also go a long way in making your time at the bowling alley as comfortable as possible. Just like the shirt, the trouser or short you choose should not restrict the movement of your feet. Remember that for you to bowl correctly, you will need to make strides; choosing bottoms that do not restrict your feet will definitely make this easier.

It is also worth noting that you can also consider wearing a wrist support. Although this is not necessary for everyone, using the proper wrist support will definitely help improve your game.

Bowling allows for a laid-back dress code. Since you will be able to get the necessary shoes at the bowling alley, you need not worry about much else. However, using the tips above to choose your dress code is highly recommended.