A New Brand of Races and Festivals in Austin

Publish Date: March 29

We enjoy running races and marathons, but we also enjoy attending various festivals, ranging from music to the really weird. But what happens when you put all of those together? You get an amazing event that is fun for all, no matter what it is that you like to do. How do we know? The Fun Stop 5K & Fest has done just that!

What is the Fun Stop 5K & Fest?

The Fun Stop 5K & Fest is a race and festival put into one that also brings some really quirky and fun things for people of all ages to experience! They have one part of it that is a music festival, for which Austin is well known, and another that is the 5K race. They’ve also combined some new things into the race to make it much more fun that extends well into the evening, such as activities for adults and families, costume contests, and different kinds of vendors that will be there to showcase some of the things that make them unique.

By taking a traditional 5K and combining it with a festival and other types of activities, the event effectively becomes one way to actually compete in a race while having so much fun doing it that it isn’t so daunting for those that naturally resist going to races and marathons. It’s a new breed of running combined with a festival that completely fits the culture within austin.

How did it come about?

Part of Austin’s culture is about doing things that other cities would think is wack and having fun doing it. The Fun Stop 5K used to be called the Keep Austin Weird Fest, which really brought out what they intended to do with the event. With this new iteration, the event now integrates more things to do within the course path and brings a variety of activities for attendees. The event began several years ago and due to popular demand it has continued to grow and flourish with Austinites and people coming in from the surrounding cities, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

 When is it?

The Fun Stop 5K & Fest is June 23rd, and the festival begins at 4 PM while the 5K race begins at 6 PM. Tickets are currently up for sale, so we encourage you to grab them before prices change, as they usually do when the event date gets closer. Don’t forget to wear the craziest outfit you can find so that you can enter into the costume contest. One of the best things about the event is being able to dress up in the most outrageous or silliest of costumes and see what everyone else is wearing!

To learn more about the Fun Stop 5K, visit their site at https://funstop5k.com.